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Lease vs. Own

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There are so many benefits to leasing over purchasing.  Contact us so we can give you all of the reasons to lease.

Financial Benefits

The major financial benefit of leasing your vehicles is that you only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use; thus creating a tremendous cash flow advantage while utilizing tax benefits.

Incentives & Discounts

As a result of our vast buying power, we’re able to reduce your costs by negotiating with the manufacturers, optimizing lucrative incentives and discounts that are passed on to our customers.

Sales Tax Treatment

In most states, sales tax on a lease is calculated on the vehicle’s monthly lease payment, therefore lowering your cost of operation.

Impact on Balance Sheet

Operating leases are viewed as an “off balance sheet” means of providing vehicles and in accordance with F.A.S.B 13 allows the lessee to expense the lease payment up to the percentage of business usage.

Company Image

Fleet management with American Leasing ensures your vehicles are life-cycled and maintained in the most cost efficient manner providing an excellent corporate image.


Having American Leasing as your fleet management partner means you can take all those vehicle related issues off your desk.


Let American Leasing Corporation focus on your fleet so you can focus on your business.